Where are the most casinos located?

If you are a fan of casinos and gambling or even just a curious person, surely you will like to know which is the place in the world with more casinos, right? The gambling niche has always been very large and famous practically all over the world. Even with several controversies surrounding the subject, the industry is still going strong and expanding every day.

When casinos are mentioned, most people immediately associate with the city of Las Vegas in the United States. But is it really the place in the world with the largest number of casinos? Let’s find out!

Everyone believes that Las Vegas has the most casinos globally, possibly because of decades of exposure to American culture in movies and TV shows. But, certainly, the place in the world with the most casinos is Macau, China.


About Macau

In the last sense, in 2017, Macau had about 622,000 inhabitants, with the highest number of people per kmĀ², almost 20,000.

Tourism is one of the major points of the city’s economy. In 2006, it overtook Las Vegas as the city with the largest gambling industry in the world, and a year later, it collected US$10.5 billion, double that of the American city.

Thus, Macau is, alongside Hong Kong, one of the country’s special administrative regions. Hence, having certain independence from the nation.

The city of Macau has always been compared to Las Vegas and has even ‘copied’ many things from the American city. The central point of the casinos in the city is the Cotai Sprip, in a clear reference to the Las Vegas Strip, the city’s gambling hub. In this region of Macau are concentrated most of the casinos. Besides being luxurious and sophisticated, they are tourist spots that receive many global celebrities.

The most famous casinos in Macau


Wynn Macau

The Wynn Macau Casino is very similar to the one in Las Vegas. It is the favourite of the richest gamblers because the bets tend to be very high in this casino. For example, it is possible to bet $5000 on just one spin of a slot machine. What’s more, the place offers two beautiful shows every day.

Grand Lisboa

Grand Lisboa

Another nice option is the Grand Lisboa Casino, which is not as luxurious as the Wynn, although that is not bad. It is traditionally known as the gateway to gambling in the city. The real highlight is the poker games. The main tournaments in Asia are all played here.

Galaxy Rio Macau

The simplest of the three, the Galaxy Rio Macau, is a very popular and traditional casino hotel in the city. Many locals frequent it as it has more affordable gambling. With a 1980’s look, the casino has a rustic image and has nightclubs that you definitely should not take your kids to.

In conclusion

Well, I guess you are surprised to know which place in the world has the most casinos, aren’t you? Anyway, Macau is as good as Las Vegas, and at least economically speaking, it is bigger than the American city.