What is the history of casinos?

history of casinos

To understand the flourishing of casinos in their history, one must travel back at least 400 years to the era of the 30 Years War, the Turkish War, and coexisting with the Scientific Revolution. So those early establishments had nothing to do with the luxurious establishments of today. In those days, gambling took place in much smaller and more obscure establishments because, among other reasons, they were clandestine places.

In fact, the first casino was established in Italy in 1638. The name of the establishment that still stands and is the oldest reference to a casino in the world is called “Casino di Venezia“.

Despite being an architectural and cultural landmark from the 17th century, the space is still active and still shows several traces of the passage of the 15th century through its galleries. Of course, always try to visit the cities where the casinos are located. And, of course, share your stories with us soon afterwards. We would love to receive them!

Origin and curiosities of the oldest casinos

It is not possible to specify when humans started to become interested in gambling, but we know when the first casinos began to occur. As it is known, in several places in Asia, casino activities were present. Imagine that! At that time and for a long time, the dice used in the games were made from the bones of various animals and even made from human bones. They also had a very different shape than the traditional cubic dice and date back to the history of the first casinos in the world.

What first came in casinos

The game Roulette is probably the first casino game invented. The casino princess, as it is called, is not for nothing! Even today, this game is one of the most important and played in these environments. Its inventor, the Frenchman Pascal, was the first to practice it, creator of the “Pascalina”.

The game Roulette


Poker, another very successful game in casinos, is said to have an oriental origin, probably appearing in China in the 10th century. However, some files attribute the origin of this game to a more recent European origin, more exactly in the French and British courts. There are still those who say poker has its origins in Persia, India, or even in a traditional French card game that suffered changes with the arrival of French immigrants in the US in the 19th century.


The traditional games in casinos

Certainly, Roulette, Poker and dice are the most traditional casino games today, but they are also a very old trio. Without a doubt, whatever the region of the world, casinos will always be casinos and Roulette, Roulette. That is, you will always find these three games at the very least and always surrounded by gamblers and thousands of variations.